Windscreen Claims

Is windscreen damage encompassed within my Flock policy?

Yes, your Flock policy covers windscreen damage. Please consult your policy schedule for details regarding the excess applicable to your coverage. 

Why is it advisable to repair a windscreen chip?

Repairing a chip in your windscreen is both expedient and economically & environmentally prudent. Flock advocates for chip repairs for several reasons:

  • Efficiency: Repairs are typically completed within an hour, significantly quicker than a full replacement.
  • Sustainability: Opting for a repair over a replacement significantly reduces carbon emissions, aligning with our dedication to environmental stewardship.
  • Convenience: We understand the value of your time. Our repair services can be conducted at your convenience, whether at home or your workplace.
  • Preventative Measures: Various factors, including thermal fluctuations, direct impacts, and debris, can exacerbate a simple chip into a larger crack. Prompt repairs are essential in avoiding further damage.

Does lodging a windscreen claim affect my claims history with Flock?

Yes, windscreen claims are noted within your claims history and are incorporated into your Confirmed Claims Experience (CCE). 

Will this influence my premium upon policy renewal?

It may have an impact. Your premium is reflective of your cumulative claims history, inclusive of windscreen claims. Nonetheless, our underwriting team evaluates each claim holistically, considering the nature, time taken to report, and frequency of claims to maintain equitable and fair premium assessments.