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What type of fleets can Flock insure?

Flock's Appetite Guide is designed to help our broker partners understand what kind of fleets we are able to offer terms on.

Flock's Connected Fleet Insurance is available to commercial fleets in the UK working across self-drive hire (SDH), courier, trades, and own goods delivery.

This now includes Amazon Delivery Service Partners and wholesale food distribution fleets

  • 10+ vehicles  or £10k minimum premium for courier, food distribution and self-drive hire
  • 20+ vehicle or £20k minimum premium for trades and own goods delivery 

See a summary of our appetite guide below or download a PDF here.

Flock Fleet Appetite Guide, June 2022 (4)

Additional requirements for Self-Drive Hire New Ventures.

At Flock, we are primarily interested in working with new businesses harnessing connectivity to enable modern mobility solutions. That means submissions in this category must be sent with the following information: 

  • A full SDH factfinder (available on request) 
  • A detailed business plan 
  • Copy of the motor trade claims experience if the client has been trading under a COI model
  • Full details of the director’s SDH experience

If you're a broker interested in distributing Flock's connected fleet insurance here to apply.

If you operate a fleet looking for insurance, ask your broker about Flock today.


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