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What is SCA?

From the 14th September 2019, whenever you purchase something online (or through an app), there’ll often be an additional verification step so that your bank can double check it’s you making the payment.

This process is called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), and it forms part of new EU legislation which aims to reduce fraud and make online payments more secure.

What’s going to happen when I purchase a Flock policy?

You may find that there is an extra step in the checkout process where you’ll be prompted by your bank to confirm it’s you. This could be through:

  1. Entering a one-time code or PIN sent to your phone

  2. Fingerprint or facial authentication through your mobile banking app

It’s worth noting that payments under €30 will generally fall outside the scope of these new regulations, so you may find that nothing is different when you purchase a Flock policy.

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