How to add vehicles in the Flock portal

New Add Vehicle How To
  1. Access your portal at
  2. Select ‘Add vehicles’ at the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Select ‘Download template,’ and open this file in Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers (If you have neither of these applications you can open the file and manually add the information into a google sheets file). 
  4. Add the vehicle registrations separately in the ‘Vehicle Registration Number’ column, and input the dates for which you would like each vehicle to be on cover in the provided headings. (Note, if you do not currently know when you wish each vehicle to be removed from cover, this can be changed in the portal at a later date. If you include no ‘Off Cover Date’ we will assume the vehicle is to be insured until the end of your policy).
  5. Save the file as a ‘CSV’ file.
  6. Return to the ‘Download template’ page of the portal and either ‘drag and drop’ the CSV file onto the page, or ‘click to select file.’
  7. Select ‘Upload.’
  8. Select ‘Apply changes.’
  9. Your vehicles have been added.