How is the Safety Score calculated?

The Safety Score is calculated using the telemetry data received from each insured vehicle. It is currently based on the speed the vehicle is driven on different sorts of roads. In the future, we plan to add additional factors, such as harsh braking or cornering. 

We begin with a Starting Safety Score as the starting point for a fleet, with any improvement on this unlocking a rebate percentage. In order to generate this accurately, we require 30% of the fleet to be connected for one month. After this month, the Safety Score will be calculated on a vehicle by vehicle basis and there is no connectivity benchmark. However, you do need minimum levels of connectivity to unlock the full value of a Flock policy, and it becomes harder to achieve your rebate unless your vehicles are connected. For more detail on our rebates and how they are calculated, see How do I qualify for a rebate and how is it calculated?