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How is my Time to Report Rebate Calculated?

We calculate your time to report by looking at average time it takes you to report an incident or claim across the policy lifecycle.

The Time to Report rebate rewards quick reporting of claims. Here's how it works in simple terms:

  • Each claim is looked at on how many days it took to report, with a cap of 14 days. Even if it took longer, we only count up to 14 days for each claim.
  • We then average out the report days of all claims, using the capped numbers.
  • This average is a number with decimals, like 8.6666, but we only consider the whole number part for the rebate. So for our calculations, we drop the decimals – meaning both 8.6666 and 8.9999 become just 8.
  • The whole number we end up with is what we use to determine your rebate percentage for reporting time.