How does connectivity impact my accumulated rebate?

Connectivity is an important part of your Connected Insurance Policy and will allow you to unlock more of a potential rebate. The more vehicles you have connected, the more rebate you’ll be able to unlock. 

Connectivity is also an important aspect of the Safety Score rebate; 30% or 40 vehicles connected (in a larger fleet) for a minimum of 1 month is required in order to calculate your Starting Safety Score. We will only be able to calculate this Starting Safety Score once this level of connectivity is reached and it will be improvements on this score that will enable your fleet to begin to accumulate a rebate. After this first month, Starting Safety Score has been calculated, there is no required threshold and the Safety Score will be calculated on a vehicle by vehicle basis.

The Mileage Rebate is independent to the Safety Score, and it will be accumulated from the first month of the policy, as long as the vehicles are connected.