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How do I diagnose issues connecting my telematics data to Flock?

Facing connectivity issues with your telematics service provider (TSP)?
Over the next few steps, we'll help you identify any issues that could be preventing your telematics data being received. 

Step 1: Let us know who your Telematics Service Provider is

Have you completed the 'Connectivity Onboarding Form'. This gives us all of the information we need to set your account up and receive the data. If you don't have a link to the form, get in contact

Step 2: Verify VRNs

Check that the Vehicle Registration Numbers (VRNs) displayed in your TSP system match the ones you have covered by Flock. You can check which vehicles, and their VRN's, are on cover in the Flock portal.
If you have recently added a vehicle to your cover, make sure you've connected a device and updated it in your TSP system. 

Step 3: Check TSP Account Contract

Go to the 'Account Details' section of your TSP portal and check that the contract is active and the devices are sending data. If the contract has expired or the devices are not active, it can disrupt your fleet's connectivity. 

Step 4: Check Device Power

Confirm that the telematics device installed in your vehicles is powered. Some devices fail to operate if the vehicle's battery has been disconnected for a while. Regularly inspect the power status of your vehicles to maintain data transmission.

Step 5: Consult Your Device User Guide

Refer to your telematics device's specific user guide. Verify that the relevant lights on your device are activated, indicating normal operation. The guide should provide insights into diagnosing and rectifying common device issues.

Step 6: Contact Matrix Support

Matrix Support, as the telematics service provider data aggregator for Flock, can assist you with in-depth troubleshooting. Their team has the expertise to diagnose issues and suggest solutions tailored to your specific fleet's needs. You can contact them by email

Step 7: Reach Out to Flock Support

If you are having connectivity issues after following these steps, or have any policy-related questions, contact Flock Support. We're here to assist you, guiding you in the right direction to restore your fleet's connectivity and ensure optimal operation.

Maintaining a stable and consistent TSP connectivity is crucial for ensuring the safety and efficiency of your fleet, as well as benefiting from Flock's innovative rebate system.