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How do fleets pay for mid-term adjustments (MTAs)?

The way fleets are charged for mid-term adjustments depends on the payment option chosen at policy inception


For fleets that pay for their policy upfront or via third party financing
MTA’s are done on an as & when basis. An invoice will be sent during the month the changes take place. For example: if a policy incepts on 01/01/22, and no changes are made in month 1, then there would be no MTA invoice sent. If changes are made during the second month of the policy, an invoice will be sent on 01/03/22 for the period between 01/02/22 and 01/03/22.

For fleets that pay via monthly instalments from Flock
MTA’s are done in conjunction with the instalment amounts. For example, if a policy incepts on 01/01/22, and MTAs are made during in month 1, the changes will be reflected in the next instalment invoice sent on 01/02/22.