How Do I Access Historical Policy Data?

Flock's portal now allows fleets to effortlessly access historical policy data, including claims and policy details. This enhancement is aimed at providing comprehensive insights into your policy history

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Navigate to the Fleet Overview Page: Start by logging into your Flock portal. Once in, head over to the Fleet Overview page

  2. Locate the Policy Period Dropdown: On the Fleet Overview page (or any other relevant page within the portal), you'll find a dropdown box labeled "Policy Period." in the top right:

  3. Select Your Desired Policy Period: Click on the dropdown menu to view a list of all available policy periods. These are listed chronologically, making it easy to navigate through different policy durations. Select the policy period you wish to review.

  4. Explore Historical Data: Upon selecting a policy period, the portal will refresh to display data relevant to that specific timeframe. This includes claims and specific vehicle data

  5. Review and Download: With the historical data displayed, you can review all the details directly on the portal. Additionally, you have the option to download historical claims data