Driver Referral FAQ

Driver Referral FAQ

At Flock, we understand that there may be unique circumstances where a driver who does not fit the policy criteria, requires special consideration. In these instances please refer them to our Customer Operations team for review. This team collaborates with our Underwriting team to assess such cases, often approving them with an additional excess to mitigate the risk or declining them if the risk is too significant.

When should I refer a driver?

Referrals are typically needed if a driver:

  • Does not meet the age or experience criteria (as defined in your policy schedule)
  • Has more than 6 points on their licence
  • Possesses a criminal conviction
  • Holds an international licence (non-UK/EU)
  • Has been a UK resident for less than 12 months
  • Was disqualified from driving in the last 36 months
  • Has a major driving conviction code (The list of major convictions can be found in your policy schedule)

What criteria must referred drivers meet?

For age and experience outside our standard warranties, the driver must be within specific margins of the policy’s stated requirements. Their age must be within 24 months of the age on the driving warranty on the schedule and their experience must be within 12 months of the driving experience on the driving warranty on the schedule. Additionally, the named drivers on the policy must not surpass 20% of the total vehicle count in the fleet eg. 100 vehicles on cover = 20 named drivers. For taxi policies, the named drivers must not make up more than 15% of the policy.

What information is required for referral?

  • Copy of the Front and Back of the photocard driving licence
  • A PDF copy of the full DVLA summary
  • The full context surrounding any major convictions
  • SDH only: What vehicle are they using and what for? How long is the rental period?
  • Courier/ Trade: How much previous commercial driving experience do they have? (UK or international)
  • Taxi only: Taxi Licence Number, DVLA Driver Licence Check Code (if UK licence, excluding NI)

Where do I send this information?

Please send all the above information to our Customer Operations Team using the email address. Please note, that we cannot accept or approve drivers over the phone, so we need you to send everything in writing.

What happens after referral?

Our Customer Operations team may escalate the referral to Underwriting, who will assess and decide on the driver's eligibility based on our risk management principles. Approved drivers may incur an additional excess, while those posing too high a risk will be declined.