What type of information does Flock store about me and my flights?

We only collect information that has been provided by you:

  • Your email

  • The drones you fly 

  • Your flight history

  • Whether or not you have had a claim, loss, violation or accident in the last 3 years 

  • Whether or not you currently hold a valid PfCO licence 

  • Policies you've purchased with us

When it comes to your flights, we collect:

  • Who is flying the drone

  • The drone you are flying

  • When and where you are flying

  • The details of the policy you purchased

Your card details don't see our systems. They are securely sent to our payment partner Stripe, who issue us with a payment token. This token allows us to verify that it was you who paid for the policy. 

If you're after further detail, you can find it in our privacy policy.