I heard Flock will no longer offer commercial drone insurance. What will happen to my policy?

What’s happening with your drone business? 

We have been working with our partners to bring our current drone book to a close so that we the entire team can focus on our fast-growing Motor business.  This means we’re not currently accepting new customers or partners in the drone space.

Why are you making this decision now? 

We have been checking the progress of our Drone business for several months now, and while it is still growing, it’s making much slower progress than our Motor business. We want to enable all our teams to focus their attention on Motor, where we are seeing strong growth.

What will happen with my existing policies?

If you have an existing policy with us, don’t panic. Your cover is still in place and you remain fully insured. You can continue to make changes to or cancel your policy and will receive the same level of excellent customer service you’re used to.  

30 days before your renewal date, you will be reminded that we will not be renewing your annual policy with us. You will then have one month to seek alternative insurance arrangements.  

Who else can get Drone cover from? 

While we cannot make recommendations on insurance suitable for your specific needs, you can find details of some alternative providers here.