How does Flock determine my policy price?

The prices of Flock's hourly policies are determined on a per-flight basis and are proportional to how risky your flight is. This is represented by your flight's 'Risk Report' which is a score (out of 100) that signifies how high-risk your flight will be.

This is calculated by analysing a lot of data, such as:

  • Pilot profile: How experienced you are ie. the number of hours you have flown, and your claims history

  • Environmental data: This includes ground hazards such as nearby buildings and schools in your selected flight area. 

  • Hyperlocal weather conditions: Such as the real-time wind speed, and probability of rainfall in the area you are flying in. 

  • Drone details: Its weight, top speed, maximum flight height, and so on...

Our pricing is risk-dependent, meaning the lower the Risk Report, the cheaper the policy. By comparing Risk Report, you might discover that it is safer (and therefore cheaper!) to fly your drone in a different area, or a few hours later than planned; giving you control over insurance costs.

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