No you don’t. Your policy covers you for an unlimited number of commercial flights within a month without you using the app. 

But here are some handy things you can do with the Flock Cover app as a Fly Unlimited pilot: 

  1. Use it as a safety tool: you can use Flock Cover to get a real-time risk report (which looks into factors such as weather conditions and building densities) for any flight up to 10 days in advance. This makes it easy to find out things like what time of day it’s safest to fly. 
  2. Adjust your policy on-the-go: You can make changes to your cover (such as add new drones and accessories, or change your liability limit) with the app in just a few taps. To find out more about this, click here

The app is free to download on your iOS and Android device. To view your policy, just tap on Fly Unlimited in the ☰ menu. 

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