1. Access to our market-leading risk intelligence
    Fly safer and smarter with our real-time risk intelligence. Only Flock empowers you to instantly understand risk.
  2. No adjustment fees-
    Another thing that makes Flock different is that we don't charge any admin fees if you want to adjust your subscriptions. This could include: 
  • Adding new drones - on average it costs £2.55 to add a DJI Phantom 4 to our most common monthly policy*
  • Adding a new country- on average it costs 33p to add a 2nd European country to our most common monthly policy*
  • Adjusting your Public Liability limit 
  • Adding pilots that fly under your PfCO 

3. Get more for your money-
With UK based customer service and cover for what you need, you can concentrate on what you do best.

*Illustrative adjustment only. Actual price adjustment will be determined by a range of underwriting criteria including but not limited to pilot experience, amount of hull and liability cover and business use. For further information, read our Subscription T&Cs

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