At Flock, we offer two fully flexible drone insurance policies for commercial pilots - Pay-as-you-fly, and Fly Unlimited. Here's a quick overview of each:

Pay-as-you-fly (from £4.95 a day) 

In a nutshell: Flexible insurance by the hour, only when you need it. Ideal when you are starting out, or don’t fly often enough to justify a longer-term insurance commitment. 

  • On-demand insurance from 1-8 hours 
  • Customise your cover per flight: drone and accessories (up to £35K) and Public Liability limits (up to £10M)
  • The safer your flight, the less you pay 
  • Instant invoices allow you to expense costs onto your clients 

Fly Unlimited (from £24.95 a month) 

In a nutshell: Our fully flexible policy. Perfect if you're making more than four flights a month or want to sort your insurance out in one go and pay annually. 

  • Unlimited flights in the UK, with worldwide cover options 
  • In-and-out of flight drone and accessory insurance (up to £35K in-flight limit)
  • Adjust your policy (such as add new drones, remove countries, change liability limit)- without any hidden admin fees
  • Fly as little or as often as you want with no change to your premium
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