One month free insurance for new Fly Unlimited customers who start their cover between 10 April – 11 May 2019. Credit card required. The maximum discount for your first month is £75. For policies over £75 per month, the full policy price will be charged and £75 will be refunded back to your card*.

One free month is available for 30 continuous days from the policy start date, after which your subscription will be automatically renewed and your credit card will be charged at the full monthly policy price. You can cancel anytime. Your cancellation will take effect from your next renewal date. Not available with any other offer. Fly Unlimited is only available for commercial operators who hold a valid PfCO or a CAA accepted equivalent.

*Policies will be refunded by our payments partner Stripe. Depending on your bank’s processing time, it can take between 5-10 business days for your card to be refunded. 

Why do I need a payment method to get one month free?

We ask for your credit card so you won’t have any gaps in your drone insurance coverage. You won’t be charged the full monthly policy price until your next renewal date. You won’t be charged if you inform us that you would like to pause or cancel your policy prior to your renewal date. 

What happens if I need to adjust my policy?
If you need to increase your coverage during your free month (such as adding new drones, or increasing your Public Liability limit), we'll take payment for the price difference. Your adjustment will take effect immediately.

How do I cancel my policy?

You can cancel your policy by getting in touch via the chat in the Flock Cover app, or on our website. You can also email [email protected] or call +44 (0)1234 480 260.

Can I redeem my free month if I'm already insured?
If you have an insurance policy with another provider, and you insure the same risk under a free Fly Unlimited policy, this may make one or both of the policies invalid due to double insurance. 

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