Fly Unlimited is a flexible policy for UK commercial flyers with a valid PfCO. A Fly Unlimited policy provides cover for an unlimited number of commercial flights - see below for the finer policy details:

What's covered?

  1. Drone and accessories (up to £35K in-flight limit). For equipment claims, there is a fixed excess of 10% of the claim, subject to a minimum of £250. In hull claims arising from water damage, the total excess will be increased by an additional £250.  
  2. Public Liability - options from £1-10M. Fixed excess of £250. 
  3. Out-of-flight protection - includes storage, transit, and theft insurance for your drones and accessories.
  4. Worldwide cover - there's the option to extend your coverage worldwide.
  5. Unintentional flyaways 
  6. Cover for multiple pilots under one PfCO.
  7. Legal costs - up to £10,000 for noise and Invasion of Privacy complaints. 

What's not covered? ❌

  1. Activities that cause deliberate harm to people or intentional property damage
  2. Damage caused by negligent behaviour 
  3. Damage caused by wear and tear
  4. Professional Indemnity or Employees Liability 

Policy adjustments: 

We know how things can change during your policy, which is why we made sure that you can easily adjust it (such as add new drones or pilots, or change your liability limits) at anytime over the duration of your policy - without any admin fees!

The important t&c's you need to know about in terms of adjusting your policy are:

a) any amendments to your coverage will take effect immediately.
b) If the amendment increases the cover you need, you will be charged the increase immediately.
c) If the amendment reduces the cover you need, your new policy price will take effect at your next renewal date.

Fly Unlimited payments: 

Your Fly Unlimited policy is automatically renewed at the end of your policy (unless you tell us not to do so). We'll send you a reminder email before your policy is up for renewal to avoid any unexpected surprises.

If there are issues with your payment, we'll still renew your policy for you. In the next 5 days, we'll try to take payment 3 more times with the card linked to your account. If we haven't received payment by then, we'll cancel your Fly Unlimited policy.

Pausing and cancellation terms:

If you pause or cancel your policy, your coverage will remain in place until the end of the policy period, but will not renew. 

If you need the odd job covered, you can insure your flight in 30 seconds with one of our Pay-as-you-fly commercial policies. 

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