If you decide you no longer want to stay with your existing insurance provider you may be able to cancel your policy and receive a partial refund of the remaining, unspent premium.

The easiest way to find out if this is possible is to take a look at the terms and conditions within your current insurance policy wording (feel free to message us on the chat if you have any questions regarding this, we will help you throughout the process!). 

If your insurance provider allows cancellations before policy expiration, please consider the following:

  • You may need to give a reason why you no longer want the insurance policy. 
  • You may need to give your insurance provider 30 days notice (in writing).
  • You may be charged a cancellation or administration fee to terminate the policy early.
  • You may receive a refund of unspent premium (pro-rata'd), minus a cancellation or administration fee.
  • A cancellation scale may be used to calculate the amount of premium you get back.
  • If the unspent premium is under a certain amount (e.g under £10) or approaching expiry, the insurer may decline a refund.

Please note that whilst we are always more than happy to help you along the way, we cannot cancel your policy for you. The best way of finding out what applies to you, is to speak directly to your insurance provider. 

Should you decide to change your insurance provider, you may need update your operations manual accordingly. We’re happy to guide you through this. Please remember, under EC785/2004, you must have insurance in place at time of flight if undertaking commercial activities.

Should you need any further assistance - please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our instant chat or email us on [email protected]!

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