With Flock, it's easy to make a claim. Notify us of your loss using the form below or through the Flock Cover app.

You can submit your claim here.

Via the app

  • If you are still in flight, then just click the black button at the bottom of the screen.
  • For a flight that has ended, go into your 'Your Flights' in the main menu (☰ top left-hand screen), and select the flight you wish to make a claim for.

What does the claims process look like?

In order to get your claim processed as quickly as possible, please have the following ready to submit with your claim:

  • A copy of your PfCO, and where possible, a copy of your Ops Manual.
  • Proof of purchase/ownership of your drone/equipment.
  • Evidence of permissions to fly (written statements from the landowner, event controller or an exemption from the CAA are all acceptable).
  • Any pre-site surveys and risk assessments undertaken.
  • Flight logs for the flight in question - both .TXT and .DAT formats if possible.
  • Any photos of your drone and the damage sustained, plus any supporting video footage of the incident you may have.
  • If relevant to your claim, a Crime Reference Number - please note, this must be obtained within 7 days of your loss.
  • A copy of your Mandatory Occurrence Report (MOR) filed via the EU Aviation Safety Reporting Portal here

Following receipt of this information, we will pull together all of the above information for submission to the underwriter, who will then confirm that they have received all the details.

Should the claim be pursuable, Allianz may appoint a third party loss adjuster. Should that happen, they will let you know and put you directly in touch with the loss adjuster.

Either Allianz or the loss adjuster will be in touch to better understand what happened and find a way of reaching a swift resolution.

Once you've reached a resolution with Allianz, you will be asked to sign a release letter - a document that outlines how Allianz will take care of the claim (this document may have some conditions).

We'll be there each step of the way to make sure the process is handled efficiently so that you can be up and running as soon as possible.

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