You sure can! Just get in touch with us through the instant chat (the yellow circle on this screen), or give us a call on 01234 480260 and we'll sort it for you in minutes. And don't worry, we won't charge you any admin or cancellation fees.

Adjusting your policy can involve:

- Adding (or removing) new drones and accessories
- Adding (or removing) pilots
- Changing your Public Liability limit 

The fine print:

a) any amendments to your coverage will take effect immediately.
b) If the amendment increases the cover you need, you will be charged the increase immediately.
c) If the amendment reduces the cover you need, your new policy price will take effect at your next renewal date

Pausing, or cancelling, your policy:

If you pause, or cancel your subscription, your coverage will remain in place until the end of the policy period, but will not renew. If you then need the odd job covered, you can always insure your flight by the hour with one of our Pay-as-you-fly commercial policies. 

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