About Flock's commercial equipment limits

With our commercial policies, your equipment is covered both in and out-of-flight (storage, transit, and theft). We use the term 'equipment' to refer to both your drones and accessories, which can include both airborne payload and flight-related ground equipment.

What should I choose as my limit?

The equipment cover limit you choose should be the demonstrable value of the equipment you want to be covered in your policy.

Please note, your drones and accessories can be insured up to a maximum of £35,000 whilst in-flight.

However, your out-of-flight equipment limit (which includes theft, storage, and transit insurance) can be higher than £35,000. (This will then be your out-of-flight equipment limit.)

Can I adjust my limit?

Yes - your limit is not set in stone. You can increase or decrease it at any time depending on what equipment you want to be covered. Just message us through the chat (the yellow button on this page) or in the app, and we'll help you with that.

What happens if I need to make a claim?

The underwriter may ask for proof-of-purchase, or the serial number, of the equipment you are claiming for. It's also worth noting, it's up to the underwriter whether they repair or replace the equipment.

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