With the Flock Cover app, insuring your drone flight is possible in just a matter of taps. All you need to do is:

  • Select your Flight Area- Using our risk-map, select the area you want to insure your drone inside. Real-time risks, such as ground hazards, will show up in red. You can move the map around to different areas, or search for a flight area using the search bar. You will receive an instant quote at the bottom of the screen. Flight Area's with fewer risks will result in lower prices.
  • Customise your policy- Choose how long you would like your cover to last, and select your Public Liability Limit (£1-10M). The price of your flight will update accordingly. 
  • View your policy documents- Read over the key facts for your policy, and check you're happy with everything. Any questions? Reach out to us. 
  • Pay- If you're buying drone insurance through the Flock Cover app for the first time, enter your card details. Once you've done that, they will be saved securely and available for your next flight. 

After that, you're covered and all set to fly! 

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